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>>> from election to ejection. after one year in office, a dramatic exit in egypt for morsi. >> now that he is being pushed out, what is next for the country. hello, welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world for this special edition of "cnn news room." >> i'm becky anderson in cairo for you at 10:00 a.m. local time. thank you for joining us. egypt's first democratically elected president has been forced out by the military. the muslim brotherhood's ruling party says morsi is now under house arrest. i can tell you, it is unclear, at this point, on thursday morning, 10:00 a.m. local time, exactly where he is. his opponents are celebrating. supporters of the former president says he is a military coup. rounded up and taken into custody. the arrest of some 300 at this stage. the army paving the way for a new government. the head of egypt's supreme constitution. a man we know little about. he'll be sworn in as the interim head of the first state later on today, possibly within the next half hour. the constitution here has been suspended. a huge moment in politics i
told the duly elected democratic president of egypt, mohamed morsi, you are no longer president. a military coup has just happened. the military has taken over. they are moving in to take over the government. a live look at anti-government protesters in tahrir square and now a statement is being read on state tv. is this accurate? this is new to me. this has just happened. a statement is being read. we were told that members of different forces within the country, the military would speak and the members of the muslim brotherhood, a pope from hoot religious group -- a pope from another religious group would be coming up. do we have translation for this? i know we have translation. oh well, we don't have translatio getting translation in the background. we will let you know what happened. the military had set a deadline for president mohamed morsi to strike a deal with those protesters. the deadline passed four hours ago and morsi refused to step down. the pro morsi demonstrators gathering at a mosque across town. you can see here the difference between those two rallies. a shot
of egyptians remain on the streets of cairo as morsi is overthrown by the military. > this is al jazeera live. president obama has been saying he is deeply concerned by the has begunand the u.s. its staff from the embassy. in other news, rescue search for the survivors of an earthquake in indonesia. and when technology is never as good as the human eye. egypt's first democratically-elected president morsi has been depossessed by the military. former president morsi is now being held by security forces. hundreds of thousands of people have been camped out in cairo's square for days now. they are celebrating their victory hours after the announcement, rejoicing and fireworks. supporters have been showing up in huge numbers. that is much more somber. reports from the day's events. >> when it was timely confirmed that the military was back in harge after staging a cue -- coup day ta. once again a movement sparked by the country's youth has led to the overthrow of a leader. protests organized by the movement had been calling for he country's first democratically-elected morsi to go. and demonstrat
morsi says he will not step down, and called for the military to remove its ultimatum. a disturbing turn in serious civil war. imposingradicals are sharia law in rebel-held areas, and the consequences are brutal. former first lady laura bush sits down with the bbc to answer when there might be a madame president in the u.s. might have somebody who runs next time. [laughter] >> welcome to our viewers on public television in america, and around the globe. tonight, the streets of cairo are packed with antigovernment protesters and supporters of president mohamed morsi. the competing rallies come on the eve of a military ultimatum for morsi to solve the standup, or it will intervene. on twitter, president morsi has said he will not step down, and he has called on the army to with draw that demand. middle east editor jeremy bird starts our coverage from cairo. >> these are true believers in the president, in the muslim brotherhood, and in the protection of god. this was a rally supporting president morsi at cairo university, but there were others elsewhere in the city and across the country.
protesting morsi's rule over the past year. i van watson is on the scene for us. set the scene. as you know there are reports that we may be in the midst of a military coupe. what's the latest? >> reporter: on the ground are, we're having technical difficults. we'll sh the people gathered here are by the tens and thousands starting spreading hours ago when rumors started out that the embattled elected president was under some kind of a house arrest. that's what the crowd was saying. his spokesman have denied those reports to cnn in the last hour. they have also started announcing on facebook sites and on twitter that in their words a full military coupe is under way in egypt right now. there's no question that there's immense pressure on morsi. demonstrators can calling for him to step down about a year after he was elected. that's three years short of the completion of his term. the crowd has been firing fireworks in the air. the cheers doubled when a military transport helicopter circled overhead at very low altitude a half hour ago. you can sense these people feel they are on the verge o
announced in the past few hours in egypt. the egyptian president morsi is -- i'll be back with our coverage one hour from now. jake tapper picks up our coverage in "the lead" right now. >>> i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." i want to welcome or viewers in the u.s. and around the world. breaking news, egypt's now former president mohammed morsi has been ousted. the egyptian army is not using that worse, but morsi is on his twitter account. he tweets -- measures and nounced by armed forces leadership represent a full coup, categorically rejected by all free men of our nation. this after the military announced that morsi is out and that the constitution has been suspended. according to the military, egypt's constitutional cord will serve as a temporary presidency until a new constitution will be drawn up and new elections can be held, both in support of the opposition on monday he was given 48 hours to come up with a political solution. that deadline came and went hours ago. if u.s. official decide to label this as a c only up, that money could dry up. egypt is a center if not the
's embattled president, saying he has failed to meet the demands of the people. mohammed morsi had only been in power for your, the first leader freely elected since egypt's revolution two years ago. tonight, his supporters have held a mass rally in cairo, calling this a military coup. but in tahrir square, opponents celebrated news of his downfall with fireworks and cheering. we go there now to been brown. wild, joyous celebrations are continuing through the night. you can see some of the people here in tahrir square behind me, tens of thousands have been setting off fireworks ever since the army leadership announced that they were effectively pushing mohammed morsi out of power and suspending his constitution. still shooting off those green laser beams as well in celebration. these people in many other egyptians are very happy tonight, but there are plenty supporters who are angry. they cannot understand why the army has opposed a man who was democratically elected just 12 months ago. an extraordinary day in the history of egypt. the moment they had dreamed about in tahrir square. days of
of president morsi. the third thing we heard was a desire to have a shared responsibility as the egyptian military announced to use a committee structure that would have the credibility of the egyptian people. that was the reference that was made in drafting some kind of new governing constitutional structure on that road to elections. as we look at this reaction here on the screen, ambassador, what do you make of those general outlines that we heard? >> the supreme forces of egypt have essentially engaged in a coup d' ttat. will his supporters take to the streets to violently oppose this coup and bring more bloodshed to egypt? number three, will the military be able to convince enough of the political establishment of egypt to participate in a way that would lead this country out of the chaos it's been in. remember, since president morsi took power a year ago and since president mubarak was overthrown by the military two years ago in a similar coup, egypt has lurched from one crisis to another. >> all right. stay right there. we'll have more with you. let's go to richard engel, who's in
on the streets of cairo after a military ultimatum ran out for president mohamed morsi. security forces put a travel ban on morsi and a number of his top officials in the muslim brotherhood. >> it's a move back in time for egypt, who has seen their first democratically elected president removed by the army. hundreds of thousands of people are out on the streets and are waiting for a statement from the military. >> for the very latest, we are going live to a correspondent standing by and carrie rowe. karima, is there a military coup underway? -- standing by in cairo. >> as we speak, the military is just making an announcement. it looks like a military coup. there are tanks out on the street. president morsi was informed that he is no longer president. >> we are getting life pictures from cairo right now, kareem. is the military starting their statement? [beep beep] >> we will try to get him back in cairo lesson as we can. -- as soon as we can. >> tensions reaching a fever pitch. the army has reportedly taken control of the major media outlets including the state broadcaster in cairo. >> in e
morsi. protesters immediately set off fireworks after the head of the military announced the suspension of the constitution and named the chief justice of the country's supreme court as the interim president. this comes after morsi led a 48-hour ultimatum imposed by the military expire vying not to step down. soon afterwards an aide posted a messagetom facebook that read in part for the sake of egypt and for historical accuracy, let's call what is happening by its real name, a military coup. and going for the latest on what's happening, live to tahrir square and nbc's ayman moi ha dean. good day. or actually good night. >> good night to you, as well. it's certainly a good night for the people of egypt, at least those in the tahrir square ever since the announcement was made that the military had ousted former president mohamed morsi and handed over the country to an interim administrative government. this has been the scene of jubilation and joy. since that announcement was made, the sentiment of the people is their revolution has been saved. they are now for the first time able to perh
in cairo. and a day of protests, violent clashes and a dramatic standoff between ousted president morsi and the army. we're in cairo, with christian amanpour. tonight, it is me, myself and i. with the culture of cell phone promotion. and a happy ending for five killer whales from a pod they got stranded off the coast in australia. we'll have the whale's tale in . >>> from new york city, this is "nightline" with juju chang. >>> good evening, thank you for joining us, tonight, a dramatic showdown with egypt's president. once again, they have taken to the streets in dueling protests. but is this the people's coup or the military coup? tonight, they stand on the brink of civil war. alex? >> reporter: juju, it is a tale of two cities here in cairo tonight as we wait to see who makes the next move. president morsi was ousted by the egyptian military. a spokesperson now tells us he has been arrested. that, as hundreds of thousands of egyptians celebrated his removal from power. fireworks and jubilation in tahrir square, and the military announced they have removed president morsi. in the speec
of thousands of people protesting against the democratically elected president of egypt, mohamed morsi. that is tahrir square. that was the heart and soul of the revolution some 2 1/2 years ago that ultimately ousted the then leader, hosni mubarak. on the right side of your screen, just a couple miles away, folks with quite a different perspective. these are pro-morsi demonstrators. according to a morsi spokesperson we've been in touch with here at cnn, there has been a coup in egypt. the fact is that the military, according to the spokesperson, has taken over. according to our senior correspondent ben wedeman there on the ground in cairo, was reporting on our air a little while ago that mohamed morsi is in the republican guard complex. we believe. what he's doing there, we don't know. according to witnesses the army has erected barbed wire barriers around barracks where mohamed morsi is currently. we're awaiting a statement from the military. what will they say? what is the road map for egypt as we look ahead? we'll take you live to cairo here momentarily. in the meantime, back to san
. protesters on both sides continuing their massive demonstrations. president morsi called for dialogue. he also said he has no plans to step down. ben wedeman is on the scene. there's an anti-morsi rally, a pr pro-morsi rally where you are. what's the latest? >> reporter: the very latest is the army has deployed vehicles, military vehicles. none anything else we understand people are still entering the area and some people telling us that soldiers had deployed on the roof top. what we're hearing from the speaker behind me is the people saying their going to stand their ground. they do not accept that morsi be ousted in a coup. i must point out that the numbers here are really warped by what we're seeing not. one poll was published a few hours ago. they found that 83% of e jipgs are in favor of this so called invited coup. this coup that has been slowly materializing for the last 48 hours. a coup with the faithful seems to be widely supported by many egyptians. wolf. >> it looks like the military is taking control of the largest state run newspaper. what about state run television. has the
him but the deputy leader all of this in hours of ousting the president, mohamed morsy. the president of the united states just issued a statement saying how concerned he is, deeply concerned by what is taking place in egypt. he is calling for the swift return to civilian government there. ivan watson has been watching the hundreds of thousands of protesters in the street. what is the latest on these arrests that is so disconcerting to our government here? >> reporter: well, i think there have been reports trickling out from a shrinking number of muslim brother officials warning about the closure of three pro muslim brotherhood tv stations in the last couple of hours including -- not including an al jazeera affiliate tv station here and the arrest of at least one of the tv stations of staff employees at that station. so that is providing in the background a bit of an ominous back drop to the enormous party that we are still seeing here in tahrir square with fireworks still going on, the biggest party i have seen here since basically the overthrow, the ousting of hosni mubarak in 2011.
pro-morsi and pro-government supporters were absolutely distraught at what had happened last night. let me bring in ian lee. he's been covering this story for us here at cnn amongst our array of reporters on the story. and ian, a new day, a new dawn, but the future still very uncertain. >> it's very true. right now we have an interim government. and it is going to be tasked with performing a government of ministers, of technocrats to really turn around the problems egypt face now. egypt has a failing economy, a poor security situation. these are big problems at this new interim president's going to have to deal with. >> okay. he gets sworn in today. he's the chief of the constitutional court. not a man that many people around the world would have heard of. some even in egypt wouldn't have heard of him. but he is an interim president going forward until the new parliamentary and presidential elections. what of the former president, mohamed morsi? where is he this hour? >> well, we're hearing right now is that he is under house arrest. and we're also hearing that from the state news
civil strike. of crisis. the state president morsi refused to step down after street protests. the military is threatening to take over. >> enough. the egyptian people are suffering. only god understands. morsi does not understand. can not here, can he not see? the entire egyptian people hate you. enough. >> we will speak with sharif abdel kouddous and activist and novelist ahdaf soueif. the interest rate for federally subsidized student loans has doubled after congress failed to avoid the hike. we will look at the student debt crisis. >> students are incurring huge amount of debt before they are even allowed to drink. it is really crazy when you think about it. this debt carries with them an entire lifetime. >> all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!, democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. egyptian president morsi has rejected an ultimatum from his country's armed forces to respond to massive protest or face removal from office. on monday, the egyptian military gave him 48 hours to outline a roadmap for reconciliation after millions of egy
're watching history unfold once again. tonight the country's military has ousted president morsi. morsi a leader elected by the people has been told that he is no longer in power and celebrations have been going on for hours. he's being replaced temporarily with the chief justice of the constitutional state. take a listen to the chief of the army addressing the country earlier. >> translator: this road map has included stop working with the constitution. the head of the constitution, quote, shall take over the country during the transitional period until a new president is elected. >> let's go live to cry row with the cairo with the latest. connor, set the stage for us. >> this is really a tale of two different egypts.cairo with the. connor, set the stage for us. >> this is really a tale of two different egypts.with the lates. connor, set the stage for us. >> this is really a tale of two different egypts.the latest. connor, set the stage for us. >> this is really a tale of two different egypts. it's been a nonstop volley of fireworks. they seem to not run out of fireworks. an unbelievab
, even as it shifts beneath his feet. mohamed morsi made a vow on television to protect his government. he rejected the army's ultimatum telling him to work with opponents to end a crisis that has immobilized the nation. >> translator: it is a crime to undermine the legitimacy of the elected president. i am ready to give my life to defend this legitimacy, if necessary. >> morsi has asked the public to stay calm. he says it will take time to clean the nation of corruption and remnants from the former regime but morsi's opponents say he's had enough time and they say he needs to quit now. many backed the top generals who say they'll intervene if the crisis isn't resolved by wednesday evening. >> translator: we're waiting for the military to take action. the military is our leader. >> the president's supporters want him to stay. thousands of them gathereded in central cairo, some wearing helmets and carrying sticks. >> translator: the military should respect the decision the people made. they did this through the national vote and the presidential election. >> state media reported 16 peop
>> an interim president is sworn into office in egypt just hours after mohamed morsi was deposed by the military. i'm jane dutton with your world news. also ahead, bolivia's president arrives home after his plane was stopped in europe and he gets an apology from france. membersbetween feuding between nelson mandela's family is followed -- finally result. >> i'm in canada's pipeline capital, alberta, where they are hoping approval of the controversial keystone pipeline is coming, and soon. less than 24 hours after the army deposed egypt democratically elected leader, and interim president has been sworn in. the hell -- head of the military said mohamed morsi fail to meet the demands of the egyptian people. the new man at the top is relatively unknown internationally but is one of egypt's longest serving judges. caroline malone reports. >> egypt officially has a new interim president. he was sworn in in a ceremony attended by the general assembly and the defense chief. toi swear by almighty god uphold the republican system and to respect the constitution and the law, and to safegua
is very much in the air. the democratically elected president morsi and his backers see protests and ensuing clashes as military arm twisting to a coup. his opponents just want him gone. we have fox team coverage. jennifer griffin examines u.s. egypt relations. conor powell has more. >> reporter: there's a real sense in egypt that the country is on the brink of sweeping political change, but whether or not that will be peaceful or democratic or violent change is still unclear. behind me they have been partying in tahrir square all night. there have been fireworks, laser shows, music. they are happy. they believe the military is stepping in and helping the opposition taking a side against president mohammed morsi and the muslim brotherhood. the army says it is trying to act as mediator in this political crisis, but this is a threat clearly to intervene with the deadline looming tomorrow. the military says they will intervene if morsi and the opposition don't agree to some type of peaceful agreement. morsi is speaking now on air to almost midnight in egypt. he has been on air sever
>> rallies on the streets of cairo one year after president morsi takes office. regrouping across cairo. president barack obama arriving in cape town about to visit nelson mandela's prison. we have that coming up. more sparring accusations against the united states. this time the target is reportedly an outlet of the european union. bracing for more protests in brazil. the federation cup is just hours away. too many jellyfish. perhaps it is time to eat them. egypt whereng in demonstrations are taking place to mark the president's first anniversary since he took office. there are crowds voicing anger and support for mohamed morsi. demonstrators in tahrir square are calling for the president to resign. some of those we see say they will be marching to the presidential palace later on sunday where security is already tight. the district of the capital, his supporters are staging a sit-in. they say it is in defense of the president. our correspondents are following developments across the egyptian capital. across swelling with in the last hour. their intention is what? lebron says the
the arab spring, when hosni mubarak was thrown from power. the new president, morsi, was democratically elected. now he's gone after a year in office. and right now, tonight, the power structure is vague, after the military rolled in. our team is in place in cairo tonight, including our chief foreign correspondent, richard engel, back on familiar territory. richard, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. some people here are saying what has happened today was a coup. that is certainly what the now ousted president morsi is saying in the only statements so far. he said "a revolution has been stolen." but in tahrir square, they are not calling this a coup. they say it was military intervention at their request for change. just watch. and listen. it's the cry of millions of egyptians, an outpouring of joy and relief. that a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. the end of an experiment in political islam, gone wrong. >> i'm crying, because i'm so happy. so happy, we get rid of them. >> we are now free of the muslim brotherhood. >> reporter: a reset button pushed once again
from the military, who issued a 48-hour ultimatum to the president, mo hohamed morsi. we expect him to be speaking, we're hearing, possibly very shortly. and then, three, 11:00 a.m. is the deadline of that 48-hour ultimatum that was issued by the military. all three of those things coming together at this moment. let's bring in keshia millham, the washington bureau chief for al arabiya. what do we expect to happen here? >> we know the presidency issued a statement calling for the formation of a coalition government to receive the elections, blaming the opposition for not engaging the morsi government in a dialogue. and also, an indirect blame for the military saying that siding with one group in the street is very wrong. on the other hand, we hear leaks, we have seen leaks, talking about the road map that the military is contemplating. again, either forcing the morsi government to resign, or remove them from office, appointing a counsel of few major political leaders, again, to oversee the elections. formation of a government that would be led by a military officer. again, you know,
, a military coup in egypt ousting president morsi, just a year after he became the country's first democratically elected leader. troops are in control of key points in cairo, pandemonium in tahrir square, where opponents of the islamic leader, they are celebrating big time. look at the reaction when they first got word. there's also those simmering, anger among morsi's many supporters. they are also out on the streets. posts meantime urge egyptians not on to accept the coup and avoid shedding blood. let's begin our coverage with ivan watson. what a day, ivan. set the scene. >> reporter: well, it was about two hours ago that the top egyptian military commander went on the air and made this announcement that the constitution would be suspended, and basically the most senior judge in the country would be declared interim president. that's when the crowd here just exploded, and the party has been going on ever since. what was really remarkable is you look out across cairo, and in other neighbors, the fireworks are still going on. 23409 just here in tahrir square, as military helicopte
the government, the country, and potentially the region. mohammed morsi, the democratically elected but acting and governing say his millions of critics very much like a dictator, shifting the secular government more towards islamic rule. now is he out. and for tonight at least the people seem ecstatic. [cheers] [explosions] >> shepard: that's what it looked and sounded like after the army force and others removed the president from office. right now we don't know where the president is or former president. we're told he is being held in undiscuss closed location probably being watched by the military. and here is a live look in tahrir square. folks continue to celebrate now early in the morning. crowds just as large as they have been in the millions across the country in tahrir square just after 1:00 a.m. on july the 4th. out by the hundreds of thousands. witnesses say the egyptian troops, including commandos in full combat gear are deployed across much of choir cairo. key bridges nile liver are at intersections because everybody in egypt is not happy. and violence is possible. mohammed morsi
as revolutionaries. he has to go. we are completing the revolution to tell dr. morsi to leave. the people of the alexander are calling on him to leave. >> millions fill the streets of egypt calling for the resignation of mohamed morsi in the largest protest since the revolution that ousted hosni mubarak. obama arrives in tanzania on the last leg of his african tour, we look at u.s. secret operations in north africa. condemns ind states the strongest terms this attack. we're working with the government of libya to secure our diplomats. i have also instructed my aunt -- administration from increasing security at various posts. we will bring justice to killers to attack our people. >> a new book on last year's .ttack on benghazi we will speak with the book webb andhors, brandon jack murphy. last week, and they publish the contents of ambassador stevens' diary before the attack. welcome to democracy now!, democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. rallied asking for the resignation of mohamed morsi. dead and hundreds injured in the protests. among those who were killed was a
, the most senior christian official in this country. they all back this road map which is morsi's out, we don't even know exactly where he is. the latest reports are he's at a ministry of defense building. he hasn't made any statements since the announcement ousting him. there was one statement leaked out which he said the revolution has been stolen from him continuing a defiant line. but they do seem, at least here, united that there will be morsi's out, a transitionary government, we're not sure how long it'll last. the military and members of civil society will supervise that. the writing of a new constitution, new elections, which people here hope will go a lot better than the last elections. but there's a larger question here and a larger scope of this. and that is, is this the end of political islam? but i'll answer that, i'll get to that in a second. >> we'll be right back with you, rich, on that great question. give us a sense of that ashraf. >> well, the mood at the pro-morsi rally, the muslim brotherhood rally when i left there was about 4:00, 4:30, which is about an hour before
, this a day after ousting that country's first democratically elected president. mohamed morsi is now said to be under house arrest. he's refused an offer to leave egypt. communication outlets have been silenced and the crowd are now back in tahrir square. president obama met today with members of his national security team to discuss the situation in egypt, but why does egypt matter so much to the united states right now? how much should americans be concerned about the overthrow of an elected leader? our foreign affairs correspondent jill dougherty is joining us right now. she's got some answers. the president spent a lot of this july 4th meeting with his top security advisers because for the u.s., for the entire region, the stakes are huge. >> they are. you know, wolf, americans have a big investment in egypt, whether they know it or not. egypt is a linchpin of the middle east, the largest arab country in the world. a cultural heavyweight with 83 million people. islamic fundamentalism, even al qaeda, have their roots in egypt. egypt is america's closest ally in the american world. they
morsi marks his first in office. >> and soccer news, we had to brazil for the confederation cup. p >> welcome back. a country divided in egypt over the presidency of mohammed morsi. at least five people have been killed in clashes between rival groups in recent days. >> the opposition is planning huge protests on sunday, demanding morsi stepping down. he has refused and rallied his own supporters in counterdemonstrations as he marks his first year in office. >> many feel the revolution has been betrayed and things have gotten worse in some ways. >> egypt is tense going into the weekend. here in cairo, cars are backed up for kilometers at the gas stations which are still selling fuel. life has not gotten any easier for egyptians. power outages, unemployment, rising prices and now fuel shortages. waiting for hours and days takes its toll on people. >> i have needed petrol since yesterday. i have been here since 7:00 this morning. under the previous regime, there were thieves who wanted to get rich, but we never had this kind of crisis. not like this. >> of course i'll be on the stree
mohamed morsi's administration has until tomorrow to end the nation's political crisis, or it will step in. >> the armed forces published a roadmap of actions they intend to take should the armed forces intervene. the president has become increasingly isolated. >> six of his ministers have already announced resignations, and protesters are gathering an ever greater numbers. >> we will not go until he does -- the demonstrators' message is clear -- mohamed morsi must resign the presidency. the protesters gathered in carrier square hope that will happen tomorrow night. >> if he has not left by 6:00 tomorrow evening, it will be the business of the army. the islamists want to hold onto power, they will have the people and the army to contend with. >> the army has announced a roadmap to lead the people and country out of the crisis. it says it wants to bring all parties to the negotiating table. morsi's options are dwindling. with the recognition of the foreign minister, six of his cabinet have abandoned him. party and the protest movement have jointly agreed on the negotiator. even so, thousand
interim leader holds out an olive branch to the party of ousted president mohamed morsi. we will take you live to cairo for the latest. >> ecb chief mario draghi promises interest rates will stay low for a long time yet, sparking a rally for european equities. >> and victory within reach -- the first german woman to book a place in the wimbledon finals since steffi graf in 1999. well, after more than two years of unrest in egypt and to fallen presidents, thousands of people have again taken to the streets of cairo tonight. >> but they are celebrating. on wednesday, the military ousted the country's first democratically elected head of state. >> there is resentment among egyptians who oppose military intervention, and that parked street clashes since the overthrow. 16 people have been killed and hundreds wounded. >> a new interim leader has used his inauguration to reach out to morsi's muslim brotherhood, but party officials have rejected any engagement. >> there has been no end to the celebration from tahrir square. many women were among the crowd. they welcome the overthrow of mohamed mo
news. the muslim brotherhood said mohamed morsy is being held under house arrest right now after being forced out by the military today after one year in office. tonight the country is a powder keg, the situation extremely fluid. the images extraordinary. pro and anti-morsy. a travel warning was issued for americans. egypt media said security forces arrested the political party leader and his department tip and say an operation is underway to arrest 300 members of the muslim brother hood and 800 killed and 300 injump in clashes across the country and the military cut off three pro-morsy television stations and raided the egyptian television channel and detained some staff. earlier morsy insisted he's the country's legitimate president and said he's open to negotiating and engaging in dialogue. the crisis in egypt, a big issue, obviously for president obama today, key members of the staff are seen entering the white house this afternoon as the crisis was unfolding. in a statement released an hour ago obama called for egypt's military to move quickly and return authority back to the demo
. -- morsi's presidency. >> it was a supposed to be a day of celebration. instead hundreds of thousands of egyptians went down to the street calling for the fall of president morsi. a year ago many protestors cheered him as the first democratically elected president of egypt. the protestors have grievances but they all share one goal. >> i need him to leave. i know that it's not easy to remove him. that is why we will stay here until we force him to step down. protests were called by the rebellion movement which claims to have gathered 22 million signatures. they demand a caretaker government and early presidential elections to be held within six months. their call was met with an precedented turnout across the country. they are s a proposal refused so far. they say he has a constitutional egitimacy that cannot be prosecuted. >> we have freedom now. >> morsi granted health insurance for all people. he's increasing our salaries and pensions. things are getting better. >> throughout the day army helicopters have circled in the sky. and as the evening set in, they flew lower, a clear messa
for him to step down, egyptian president mohamed morsi was defiant on state television tonight. we'll go live to cairo with all the latest details and amazing images coming up. >>> first i want to share the three awesomest things on the internet today beginning with four decades of fashion immortalized in a school yearbook. garland, texas. 1973, he was told to wear something nice on school picture day. this is what we wore. on picture day the following year, he put on the same exact polyester shirt and sweater vest. he tells "the dallas morning news" he felt embarrassed when he realized he repeated outfits. his wife, cathie, dared him to go for a hat trick. after wearing the combo five years in a row, he thought, why stop now. year after year, he wore the exact same outfit for class photo day. after 40 years of teaching, the beloved mr. herby has retired. mr. herby's style will move on. second awesomest thing on the internet today, to jolt you awake. for folks who like to ease into their morning, new york's local cable station new york 1 offers a gentle fix. a guy will read to you what's
's tahrir square for the third day in a row, again calling for egyptian president morsi's ouster, and more high-level officials left his cabinet. good evening. i'm judy woodruff. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. on the newshour tonight, we get the latest on the turmoil, as the clock ticks down on the military's deadline for resolving the standoff. >> woodruff: then, with the deadly fire in arizona continuing to burn out of control, we examine whether hotter temperatures and drier conditions are fueling the flames nationwide. >> ifill: ray suarez has the story of newly released documents revealing how the milwaukee archdiocese dealt with dozens of catholic priests accused of sexually abusing children. >> woodruff: as president obama ends his africa trip, we look at the administration's outreach to the continent to bolster trade and investment and build on former president bush's efforts to combat aids. >> ifill: and jeffrey brown talks with the lead guitarist of the band phish, trey anastasio, about the art of the jam, and life as a music man. >> a lot of the people that come see us have been
to the first democratically elected president, mohamed morsi. >> reporter: good evening, brian. thousands of people have gathered in tahrir square. a celebration, people pointing lasers at buildings, music blaring. they feel their struggle is finally paying off, even with a little help from the country's powerful military. military helicopters trailing egyptian flags today, flying in formation above tahrir square, as the huge crowd erupted in cheers. finally, they believed the military had taken a side, their side in the showdown with egypt's islamist president mohamed morsi. on national television today, the military called the protesters great, glorious, and noble, and gave morsi an ultimatum, 48 hours to, quote, meet the people's demands, or they would intervene. the protesters want morsi out. >> morsi, i'm telling you, you have to leave, you have to leave. because you can fight all the people. >> reporter: on sunday, one year after morsi took office, millions of egyptians took to the streets in protest. there was violence, at least 16 dead, hundreds injured. the muslim brotherhood hea
the country's first democratically elected leader out of office. president mohamed morsi's supporters call it a coup. his opponents call it a triumph. the head of the army is promising new elections. >> translator: the military has suspended the constitution to hold a presidential election as soon as possible. until a new president is elected, we have appointed the chief justice of the constitutional court as provisional head of the government. >> general abdel fattah al sisi says that president morsi had failed to meet the demands of protesters. tens of thousands of demonstrators in tahrir square greeted the announcement with fireworks and cheers. they chanted, good-bye president morsi" and waved egyptian flags. protesters say the economy and public security have worsened since morsi took power a year ago. they demanded he resign immediately. morsi rejected an ultimatum from sh the army to end the crisis within 48 hours or step down. soldiers have cordoned off major roads in the capital cairo deploying armored vehicles at a number of locations. the military controls the state-run tv stati
>>> millions celebrate a coup in egypt. president mohamed morsi is under house arrest and the military says it will install a new interim civilian government. >>> firefighters in arizona start to get the upper handed on the deadly fire that killed 19 elite firefighters. >>> and the united states celebrates its 237th birthday. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, july 4th, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, egypt starts its new day in uncharted waters after mohamed morsi, its first democratically elected president, was ousted by the military after only one year in office. here's the latest. morsi and other leaders are the muss almost brotherhood party are in custody at a military facility in cairo. egypt's constitution drafted by morsi's allies is suspended, and armed forces say they will install a temporary civilian government. now clarissa ward is in cairo with the latest. clarissa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. well, how quickly things change. egypt will have a new president
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